Live in the Bible

When you think of a prison, do you see it as a 6″ x 9″ cell with bars on the windows and a metal gate for a door? This is how far too many see a prison. Yet so many are in a prison without walls, doors or even bars. Live in the Bible aims to assist you in finding the freedom you need.

Prison Called Sin

Galatians 3:22 NIV declares “we are all prisoners of sin”. The passage goes on to say the only way we can receive God’s promise of freedom is by “believing in Jesus Christ.”

This ministry hopes to reach all who are burdened by sin, to receive God’s promise of freedom. We provide several translations of the Bible, along with a list of places from which to receive Bible studies. It is our hope that through the Word of God, we can work our way towards the ultimate prize of returning home to our Father in heaven.

Live in the Bible is a love offering of Reverend Michael Mann, with Hosting provided through his Web Design service, Michael Mann Web Design. This site serves as a resource, for both Christian and non-Christian, who desired to know Jesus Christ.

Support the Live in the Bible Ministry

As Live in the Bible is not attached to a non-profit organization, the best way to help this ministry grow is to use our online store powered by Amazon and our CafePress store. The proceeds from these resources will be used to continue providing Christian-based resources.