About Live in the Bible

Vision Statement

We are commanded to read God’s Word. Live in the Bible’s vision is to assist in your journey in the Word of God.

To do this we have a three fold mission of resource we will provide:

  1. An online version of the bible (those without copyright restrictions)
  2. Available Bible study resource information
  3. Christian-based radio station listing

Our three fold mission is to enable you to read, study and listen to God’s Word allowing you to draw closer to God.

Prisons Without Walls

Originally started as a prison outreach ministry, Live in the Bible discovered that many are imprisoned, even those not in a physical prison cell. Armed with this realization, Live in the Bible is working to become a resource to as many as possible.

Live in the Bible does not physically go to the prisons. If you have a loved one in need of Christian materials, feel free to use the resources on this site. Print and send them to those incarcerated.