Are You Hindering God’s Love?

While there is no limit to the amount of love God can pour out to you, did you know you could be hindering His ability to give you love? Love is not something you receive and simply sit on. As the song goes, “Love isn’t love till you give it away.” Love is an action and that action must continue. You see, brothers and sisters, there is no limit on the amount of love God can give you, but you must pay that love forward.

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Christian Resources Available

Live in the Bible, an imprisonment ministry, offers a few resources for those struggling to live a Christ-like, Christ-led life. Some of these resources have been recently updated, including:

  • Wallpapers – These are Christian-based wallpapers designed by the ministry
  • Christ Like Buttons – These are Christ-like life buttons you can add to your website

Additional resources are coming, including the return of the list of bible studies, which strangely went missing after a change of design. Stay tuned as more resources are coming!

9:35AM Update: The bible studies page has been restored.

Christian Wallpaper

Live in the Bible is proud to announce our first few in-house created Christian Wallpapers. Visit the Wallpaper Resource page to see them.