Deny the Existence of Christ

I think the biggest reason people choose to deny the existence of Christ, or belief in God, is because they know that if they believe that there is a “creator”, then we must have a purpose. People refuse to believe in God because belief causes us to wrestle with the squandering of our lives. Belief in God, makes you confront yourself and it invokes CHANGE, which doesn’t feel too good. It’s much easier to say “there’s no God” because that means you’re not being held to any moral, ethical, or spiritual standard.

Don’t Waste Another Minute

Don’t waste another minute trying to prove that you’re growing spiritually, to any friends, family, leader, person, etc.

The reality is this… you could check off every step on ‘their’ list of mature ways to handle conflict… or anything else, and they will still consider you immature, unhealthy, rebellious, and whatever other adjective that comes to mind. All because they’ve never matured in the area of acknowledging when people are hurt! To be clear… in almost every situation, there is immaturity present in all parties; just in different areas!

God sees you, and HE is just… he will vindicate you, in the sight of all men! He saw the situation, he saw how you handled it, he saw your heart, he heard your tears, he heard your prayers, he knows about those scars, he understands what happened, he knows who did it… he also knows how you contributed to their pain! The bottom line is this… If you’ve demonstrated Godly character in your camp, but an enemy comes in, and pushes you out, because they’re lying about you… You were in the wrong camp! If the people who know you, and who have spent time with you, ALLOWED negativity to enter your relationship; there never was one! and God used ALL OF THAT, to show you that there was nothing to hold on to, to begin with!